The Levenger Story
Sep 2016

The Levenger Story

Levenger is a company that sells professional accessories like fine desk accessories, fountain pens, and other custom quality products. The company was founded by Steve and Lori Leveen in the 80’s. We recently came across their story on their website and found it to be fairly motivational. It’s nostalgic, and beautiful. We invite you to check it out. Here’s an excerpt, the rest can be found on their site:


“There we were in our new living room, in the house we’d stretched for, and there wasn’t enough light so both Steve and I could read,” she later wrote.“We started joking around, fighting for the seat next to Grandma’s old dinosaur floor lamp. Then it dawned on us.”

…Lori and I pooled our retirement funds, sold our first new car (a 1985 Mitsubishi Montero) and performed the archetypal rite of passage for startups: we headed for the garage.

But before we even did that, we knew we had to expand our sales beyond the lamp our hairdresser, probably out of pity, bought from us. What about those newspaper home magazines? Ads in those should be cheap. They were—and invisible. As our funds dwindled and a quiet panic mounted, we decided we’d try an ad in a different magazine: The New Yorker, with a one-inch ad and the line, “Serious Lighting for Serious Readers.”

It was the inch that gave a mile.


Be sure to check out the rest of their story here: The Levenger Story