Who We Are

Our mission is to bring value to each of our clients by providing effective and creative marketing and design solutions.

Graphic Renaissance Design Company, or GRDC for short, was formed in 2006 in Memphis, Tennessee. We focus on identifying our client’s goals and offer a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively position themselves to attain those goals. Our offerings include: Brand Consultation, Brand Design & Development.

Our Process


1. Listen & Research

In the beginning, we will identify your ultimate ambitions, and help you to devise a plan to get there. We want to hear about your mission, vision, products, services, and your target market. After hearing what you’ve shared, we will research the market, identifying trends and competitors. This snapshot view of your ecosystem allows us to generate ideas that fit the market, industry trends, and your target audience.

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2. Sketch & Draft

We grab our pencils and sketchbooks, brainstorming ideas based on what we’ve heard and learned, and the message we believe you want your audience to receive. We take what we’ve conceptualized, create tangible drafts, and ask for your feedback, to help narrow down our path.


3. Build & Finalize

Gathering all feedback, designs are finalized, and development of our final offering is underway. Final approvals are given and we prepare to implement.


4. Launch & Completion

We work with you to forge a campaign to launch your newly defined brand across all deliverables.  Once implemented, we evaluate based on metrics and feedback to help ensure that we have met and exceeded your original goals.

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